Kind Attention Visitor: All public Museums and Monuments including Taj Mahal will remain closed till March 31, 2020 to combat the spread of Corona Virus.
Taj Mahal Day Tours

Taj Mahal Day Tours

India is the country which has contributed a bunch of villains and heroes to the global history. And they all have their regime in the major parts of India, Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur.

Taj Mahal Day Tours

India is one of the most admired countries in the world for several obvious reasons. The discoveries of many sciences like Yoga, Vedas, Chess etc were discovered in India and today, it is seen as a gleaming economy. The country had a glorious past and cities like Agra, Delhi and Jaipur are filled with ample of architectural beauty and artwork. The city is visited by thousands of domestic and international visitors every day.

Taj Mahal Day Tours Taj Mahal Day Tours
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Off-the-Beat Things to Do in Agra

Alongside various reasons, the main motivation for Agra's notoriety on the planet is the Taj Mahal. This spot in Agra is the most visited tourist fascination in India. Other than this, there are unending activities in the city that can make your outing a paramount encounter for quite a while. From seeing a portion of the astonishing and lovely manifestations of nature to shopping at various focuses and getting a charge out of the mouth-watering kinds of the city, there is significantly more to investigate here in Agra. The following is the rundown of activities in Agra with no questions!

  • Visit the Mesmerising Taj Mahal
  • Investigate the Agra Fort
  • Birds Watching at Chambal River
  • Travel to Fatehpur Sikri
  • Go Overboard on Shopping at Kinari Bazaar
  • Appreciate the Flavours of Mughlai Cuisine
  • Try Not to Miss Out Akbar's Mausoleum
Taj Mahal Day Tours

The Finger-Licking Food of Agra Streets

Agra isn't only popular for the charming Taj Mahal; however, its luxuries as well. It is recognized as unique compared to other street culinary serving spots in the nation by numerous epicureans. The city is exceptionally populated, yet it observes foodies originating from everywhere throughout the country to extinguish their voracious hunger. Here is the list of the best street foods in Agra.


Regardless of which corner of India you travel to, you would consistently need to get something to eat of this celebrated Mughlai dish. Parathas are produced using wheat with the stuffing of grated potatoes or cauliflowers, served hot with chutneys to stun your taste buds.

Bhalla/Aloo Tikki

Bhalla is a delicious dish of mashed potatoes blended in with different Indian flavours, chickpea curry, and is served hot with chutney.


This spiralled dessert is served hot and fresh to quench your craving for the iconic Mughal desserts.

The Best Time to Travel in Agra

The most appropriate time to visit Agra is between October to March as at this point, the warmth has ebbed, and the climate is lovely and ideal for touring. Go through an evening at the Taj complex strolling through the grounds and appreciating the excellence of this great landmark.

Stroll through the numerous bazaars of Agra purchasing gifts and practice your haggling aptitudes. In case you're visiting Agra in December or January, take woolen attire as temperatures can drop to as low as 2 degrees Celsius.